Wedding Wednesday: Florals

IMG_3760The most difficult part of wedding planning for me has been deciding on florals. And this is coming from the girl who will gladly walk into any floral shop any day of the week to pick up a fresh bouquet for her apartment. Choosing florals for your wedding is incredibly challenging because there is so much room for indecision, constant change in vision and flower seasonality. What is so great about our wedding venue, Ovation, is we do not need to bring in much to enhance the space. After doing some research, I expressed wanting garland runners along the rustic wood tables. Our florist, Steve’s Flower Market, had the brilliant idea of adding hints of burgundy by tucking james storie orchids into the runners. A simple, yet chic, solution for our fall inspired wedding! IMG_3761A few items I recommend having prepared prior to your floral consultation include:

Have a Budget…At Least a Range

I knew flowers were costly, so I immediately expressed a ballpark cost of what we were looking to spend. This helped our florist create alternative solutions for what we were looking to do while also staying within budget. One way to keep costs low is to nix having flowers at the ceremony site – your guests are spending majority of their time at the reception site so it may make more sense to assign dollars here. The most important factor is determining whether floral is high on your priority list and if it is, you’ll feel confident allocating a large cut of your budget here versus other areas.

Bring Image Inspiration 

Pinterest is key, especially when it comes to wedding flowers. Throughout my consultation process, I have found inspiration boards to make all the difference…for both my florist and me! While it is helpful to chat through aesthetic and vision, your florist will be able to create the masterpiece of your dreams with a specific image showcasing colors, specific flowers and how they are pulled together. What I found incredibly helpful was to bring along my computer and pull up photos of specific flowers, colors, etc. to help aid throughout the discussion.

Consider Flower Seasonality 

As I drew inspiration from Pinterest prior to our meeting, I was quickly excited and set on specific flowers (i.e. Anemones) which I later found out were not in season for our October wedding. While initially a bummer, I quickly got over it. It is easy to shift gears and create a beautiful bouquet filled with flowers that are in season (and cheaper!) and will ultimately last longer. The good news is many basics (seeded eucalyptus, roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus) are in season all year round. Bonus!

Request Mock-up Samples

It is common that florists do only one complimentary sample mock up. This can be tough for indecisive brides-to-be (like myself!) who often change their minds leading up to the big day. I’ve been contemplating a colorful bridal bouquet vs. predominantly white bouquet for the past 3 months. Our florist has been gracious enough to work with us to ensure satisfaction and happiness with the final product. I recommend giving your florist a heads up on which specific flowers and color scheme you would like to see before committing – this allows for them to order enough in store to create samples for your meeting. With floral samples comes confidence in final choices!IMG_3750

IMG_3757I can’t wait to share what our florist creates for our big day this October! To see more of their beautiful work, please visit: & for more wedding content click here!

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