IMG_4471Today is the 4th of April and it is snowing. Pretty comical, right? I busted out my favorite trench just a couple weeks ago for Easter and the sun was shining (we are talking 70 degrees!). We can never count on April and May when it comes to beautiful weather. Each day is a tease. While the weather is miserable right now, I am still excited for Spring and all that comes along with it.

Longer Days & More Light 
It is so refreshing to leave work while the sun is still shining and daylight is going strong. I am really looking forward to evening runs along the river and happy hours on Chicago’s best rooftop bars.

Fresh & Restored Wardrobe 
Who doesn’t love hunting for new everyday as well as fun + out of your comfort zone pieces to incorporate into your Spring/Summer wardrobe? This girl definitely does. Speaking of fun, I just bought this jean vest from Gap and cannot wait to wear it.

Rest & Exercise 
Nice weather motivates me to keep sleep and exercise in check. I like going to sleep early and getting up for a long run or hitting up our 6 am circuit fit class. Not going to lie – our wedding coming up in October also adds to this motivation!

Implicit Happiness
Don’t believe that weather dramatically affects our mood and overall happiness? Read this.

Keeping my fingers crossed for consistent warm weather. Have a happy week, loves!


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