Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration: Look 2

I read a pretty incredible article today. It focused on happiness and how it often feels like a catch-22 in which we all want to feel it, but the moment we do, we can’t accept it. Not only was I immediately inspired, but I thought “how apropos” seeing my brand is called See Happiness Through. Think about a conversation you recently had with a friend. Perhaps they asked you how you were doing and your response went something like this: “I’m so busy and stressed out trying to accomplish everything there is that needs to get done.” The sad reality is we often bond over negative experiences instead of positive ones. This is in turn shows that connections forged in complaining often feel stronger than those with a focus on positivity.

I think it’s about time we all start acknowledging our happiness. We owe it to ourselves and one another to be happy and relish in a joyous state of mind. I personally feel healthier, motivated and more creative when I admit that I feel happy. I think the reason we sometimes reject our own happiness is on an account of fear and vulnerability. Of course we will not feel happy all the time, which is why it is important to admit and own it. There is zero shame in that.

Happiness is contagious. Don’t you love being around people who instantly lift your mood and simply make you feel good? These are the kind of people I love to be around; those with curiosity, wonder and a zest for life. Just remember that pursuing your own happiness is not selfish. It is a beautiful thing and again, we owe it to ourselves.












Only two days until Thanksgiving, can you believe it? I’m pretty excited to devour all the delicious holiday dishes, particularly the pie selection post-dinner. What can I say, I am a tried-and-true dessert person. While we’re on this topic, these Top Shop Slider Utility Peg Trousers (available in both olive and blush colors) are a roomy option to allow for that extra slice of pie. Plus, who doesn’t love a military-inspired look and a pleated waistline?

I’ve also become a huge fan of the Who What Wear collection for Target Style. The clothes are great quality at a sensible price point. There is definitely no elephant in the room when talking about bomber jackets…they are everywhere, in a wide variety of patterns as well as fabric. This satin bomber jacket is a steal & super easy to dress up or dress down.

Make sure to check back for look 3 featured tomorrow on the blog…a cozy getup I’ll most likely be sporting this Thursday!

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