Shades of Red

TGIF. Why is it the short holiday weeks always feel the longest? I’m not going to sugar coat it – the last couple of weeks have been tough. I sometimes feel uncomfortable outwardly sharing I had a tough week because the reality is every single person you pass on the street is dealing with something. Each problem or hardship varies in terms of how serious, overwhelming or challenging it may be, but I consistently keep one thing top of mind. That being perspective and a reminder of whatever I’m battling or dealing with is important to me. It is okay if others may find my stress or struggle to be insignificant or shortsighted.

The many life events I’ve had the privilege of enjoying in recent months is indescribable. I’ve undergone a career change, been tackling wedding planning, and have dealt with family struggles as well as individual growth (as I like to call it: trial & error). On the surface, seems pretty run-of-the-mill, doesn’t it? But then you factor in emotion, stress and in some cases, hindrance. One thing I will admit (as much as I hate to) is I often let these unexpected and impetuous overflow of emotions tear me down. The upside is I recognize this and continue to do everything in my power to address it as well as accept each emotion for what it is. But isn’t that the toughest part? Beyond the recognition, beyond the realization, beyond the consciousness. The act of change is what it takes to get over the high-reaching hump – as my very intellectual fiance likes to say, “Quit talking about it, BE about it.”

Sounds like a solid motto for the weeks ahead…we are a whopping 43 days away from becoming Mr. & Mrs.! On that note, I’ve been thinking about our mini moon/honeymoon plans and all the summer attire I have yet to wear (I am the ultimate culprit of buying a ton of clothes and letting them sadly sit in my closet for a few weeks with the tags still on….I know, it is a terrible philosophy and habit). With that being said, all of these unworn floral/tropical/beach vibe attire will be so perfect for our time in Naples and Costa Rica. One of my favorites is this bright, eclectic romper from Banana Republic. What I love about rompers is it’s one piece of clothing and allows for creativity when matching accessories (downside: when you have to use the restroom and realize you have a romper on…I know you can relate). And in other exciting news, I found my missing MAC Ruby woo lipstick – this shade looks good on everyone, highly recommend!img_5747img_5709img_5698img_5739img_5749img_5766

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    Lady in red!

    Love it, the shoes rock!

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