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Happy Valentine’s Day! This season of love, particularly this month, seems different than ones in past years. Not only are Corey and I celebrating today and our birthdays this month as a newly married couple, but we are experiencing a variety of life changes at the moment. With change comes stress, which can make any exciting time feel confusing, nerve-racking and emotional.

Throughout our 9 years of dating, Corey and I have both always been big proponents of expressing ourselves through letters. Along with each letter accompanied a beautifully crafted card from PAPYRUS, no questions asked. I wouldn’t call myself overly sentimental when it comes to keeping things. My one exception are these cards I’ve received from Corey over the years. Our memories and these letters are stored in a wooden box that sits on our bookshelf. Exchanging cards each year on various holidays and special occasions (or even a ‘just thinking of you’) has become our tradition. We look forward to and find it our mission to pick out the perfect card – one that describes or even pokes fun at our relationship. As you can see above, I obviously opted for the ‘I love you more than chocolate’ card…something Corey knows I can’t live without.

For us, PAPYRUS has helped add meaning to each special occasion. Their cards have given us a platform to express our emotion through written words. Making a last minute stop for your Valentine on your way home from work? Their Valentine’s Day collection is chalk-full of beautiful cards filled with intricate details. Beyond cards, you will also find party favorites sure to elevate any special gathering!

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