Kitchen Inspiration

no. 1: Recipe box // no. 2: KitchenAid Mixer // no. 3: Rewined Rosé Candle // no. 4: Cottage Hand Towel // no. 5: Murchison-Hume Hand Soap // no. 6: Vintage White Tea Kettle // no. 7: Copper Utensil Set // no. 8: Newlywed Cookbook // no. 9: Bodum Copper French Press // no. 10: Potted Succulent // no. 11: White Ceramic Pitcher // no. 12: Wood Cutting Board 

Our first plan of attack as new homeowners was our kitchen, so I’ve rounded up a few of the gems that we’ve stocked away or have displayed in our new favorite space.

After two weeks of  chaos surrounding home buying and moving, I am back! You read that right – we are officially homeowners of a new construction home. A story for another day is the home buying process and all the emotions and frustrations we experienced along the way. I can’t wait to create and share more content focused on our new home and the design process/room inspiration/furniture buying/yard landscaping/the whole nine yards! The last two weeks have been quite the adventure thus far…we’re learning quickly that owning a home is hard work, not cheap and one hell of a roller coaster.

Once we moved all the boxes in, I stood there staring at all the things waiting to be unpacked. I’d definitely describe this moment as paralyzing for anyone with an extreme type A personality like mine. My cousin gave me the best piece of advice – she said to attack one room and get it fully organized and up and running. For me, this was the kitchen. With our wedding 6 months behind us, we finally ripped back open all the amazing registry gifts we received (it was like reliving my bridal shower!). Once our kitchen was functioning, the space has become my haven of comfort and calm – the space I light a candle in the morning and sip my coffee.

I wanted to share a few items I love having in our kitchen – as you’ll notice, we’ve opted for a clean and neutral color scheme. Our cabinets are custom cherry with white granite countertops, black square tile backsplash,  and a black soapstone island – a true eclectic mix! While I had my heart set on white cabinets (let’s be honest…an all white kitchen), all the finishes in ours is quickly growing on me in the best way possible. The mix of cherry/black/white makes it a bit warmer, whereas all white may come across as stark and bare in appearance. All in all, I love it.

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