Sorry I have been MIA the last couple of weeks, although saying this feels disingenuous. While running my blog is a hobby, it often feels like a full time job. The act of trying to keep fresh and intriguing content, beautiful imagery and authentic writing in the mix sometimes causes avoidance in keeping up the maintenance of a blog. Not to mention the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, in a good way. I recently resigned from my current position at Time Inc. and am starting my new gig tomorrow! I will be working in advertising sales for Redbook magazine, a property of Hearst. I have many emotions as I embark on this new career adventure…I think it is pretty normal to feel overwhelmed, excited and nervous all at once. What I am most excited about is to work for a brand that resonates with me and one I can sincerely relate to. IMG_4422With a new job on the horizon, our wedding coming up in less than 6 months and lingering thoughts of home ownership has got me thinking strongly about change.


  1. make or become different

Different is a good thing. While change may not initially feel appealing, I strongly believe it ultimately creates experiences and challenges allowing for immense growth. I’d be lying if I said change was not scary – it actually scares the hell out of me. It is difficult for me to peel back layers of my insecurities and admit my perfectionist and control tendencies, but they exist and I deal with them day in and day out. Part of living means playing the hand of cards we’ve been dealt and taking the good with the bad. In a weird twisted way, change is what compels us to confront qualities of ourselves and perhaps the ways in which we deal with certain situations or people.

Undoubtedly, I have learned more about myself in the last 6 months than ever before. And I think the reason for this is because I have massive life events happening at lightening speed. I’ve had to pause multiple times throughout the wedding planning process and understand if I was actually enjoying what I was doing in a particular moment or rushing through it to mark it off the list. This obviously leads to the act of being present in all that we do (wedding planning or not). Seems so simple, doesn’t it? Perhaps it is easy for some, but I’m sure it is insanely difficult for many. I strongly believe a link exists between being present and expectations. Sometimes we visualize or desire how a particular moment will come to fruition. It could be as big as a wedding proposal or as simple as walking in the door after a horrendous day at work. We miss out on being present because we expect moments in our life to play out perfectly or exactly how we imagine they should play out or what we think would make us happiest or what will sound best when telling others about it. Beyond exhausting, am I right? It is okay if you are guilty (along with me) of doing this to yourself. I think it is quite common, but I do think it strips us of true happiness and contentment. IMG_0075Ask yourself this: do you recognize and focus on what you want or what you already have? I try to keep this top of mind when figuring out which direction my moral compass is pointing. And my answer to this question constantly changes, which is a good thing. The harsh reality is that life is a game of ebb and flow. If we can promise ourselves one thing, it should be that we vow to continually be open to growth, change and opportunity because with these things, we learn and strive to be better. I am learning that I will never make the people in my life happy all the time and that I need to be okay with that. I am finally starting to see that once I unveil who I am and what I want, the less I let things and others upset me.

Upwards and onward. Tomorrow marks day one of the next door that opens. I can’t wait to put myself out there and open myself up to change. Cheers to another beginning!

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