I’m Erin, a Midwest native who currently resides in the Fulton Market neighborhood of Chicago with my husband Corey. I created See Happiness Through as a space to freely document what inspires me. Through my writing, I strive to bring light-hearted humor as I take my readers through the many musings of Chicago living. I hope you enjoy riding along on this adventure with me!

FAQ//Location: Fulton Market, Chicago • Describe your style? Minimal + simple, focus on neutrals and everyday basics. • Favorite work outs? I am a work out junkie – I will try any work out at least once. I live for Circuit Fit and love to run. Other favs include yoga, Soul Cycle and Shred. • Hobbies? Photography. Pure enjoyment of a good book. • Obsessions//Guilty Pleasures? Strong coffee, shoe shopping, compulsive list-maker, perusing any stationary/card store for countless hours, honest attempts at cooking. • More about you? I love to laugh + make others laugh. I have no concept of sleeping in, I am an early bird to a T. I believe that confidence is key and my purpose is to live with reverence for myself and for others.